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“WORK STATION” Lactation


How will I breastfeed after I return to work?

The idea of combining work and breastfeeding is still not a familiar one for many employers.  If you intend to continue breastfeeding, it’s necessary to prepare your employer, your baby, and yourself ahead of time, assemble a strong support team, and maintain optimism through whatever temporary challenges may arise.

Benefits to the employer include:

* Reduces employee stress
* Reduces absenteeism
* Reduces turnover
* Boosts productivity and morale

While you are still pregnant, ask your supervisor or your company’s human resources department for information on the company’s policies and history regarding all issues relating to a breastfeeding employee’s return to work.

This information should include:

  • Flexible work schedules
  • Extended maternity leave
  • On-site childcare
  • Provisions for a private place to pump
  • Regular breaks for expressing milk


How should I schedule time for pumping during the workday?

You’ll probably need to express milk every three to four hours, around the times that your baby would normally breastfeed.  Each session will last about 15 – 20 minutes, though you should plan for slightly more time at first while you are adjusting to this new situation.  Your traditional employee breaks and part of your lunchtime may provide you with the time you need.  If not, you will need to ask for a little extra time, volunteering to make up that time in the morning or at the end of the day.

Once you and your supervisor have worked out the logistics of your breastfeeding plan:

Write them down in memo form and ask your supervisor to initial it and give you a copy.  This will prevent any confusion or conflicts when you return to work.

Melanie Kissell


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