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Breastfeeding Essential Supplies – Preparing For Nursing

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No need to mortgage your home to prepare for breastfeeding a new baby! Breastfeeding does not require a large quantity of supplies and high-tech equipment. Your body prepares for breastfeeding naturally, leaving only a few convenient essentials for the new mother to have on hand.

Hopefully your pregnancy pillow is one that can double as a nursing pillow, which will save you a few dollars right from the start.  One that is machine washable is best since new babies can be a bit messy.  It’s a good idea to pick up a couple of slip covers that will fit your pillow snugly.

For sore nipples:  lanolin cream, olive oil, tea bags, and cold green cabbage leaves (yes, you read that correctly) can provide soothing relief.  Olive oil can work miracles but it’s very thick so don’t forget to wash it off before baby’s next feeding.  The biggest favor you can do your nipples is to air them out in between feedings.  Air drying helps to toughen them up and keep them in good condition.

A breast pump, nursing pad inserts, nursing bras, and burp cloths are absolute staples in a nursing mom’s life.  You have the choice of manual, battery-operated, and electric pumps.  Every mom has her favorite.  Nursing pads come in disposable varieties and those that can be laundered and used over and over again.  Decide on which one fits your budget.  A cloth diaper can easily serve as a burp cloth.

Nothing can be as bothersome as an ill-fitting nursing bra.  One area to splurge a little extra on is the bra department.  As you lose your pregnancy weight, a bra with adjustable cups is an excellent choice.

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