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“I loved this book. It’s humorous, honest, and empowering without being unrealistic. It paints a very full, complex, and real picture of what it’s like to breastfeed–and that’s exactly what moms need.”  ~ Nancy Gruver, founder and publisher, New Moon Magazine

“Spilled Milk is filled with the voices of the wise and witty girlfriends I wish I had had when my first baby was born and I was struggling to keep the milk bar open ’round the clock. It’s warm, compassionate, funny, and just the thing for a late-night nurse-a-thon.”   ~ Beth Hawkins, senior editor, City Pages (Minneapolis)

Wise, witty, deliciously reassuring. The perfect pick-me-up for mothers convinced that they’re the only ones on the planet who are doing it wrong which is pretty much all of us.”  ~ Barbara Graham, author, Women Who Run with the Poodles

To begin your exhilarating journey into breastfeeding (or maybe your lumpy, bumpy pathway to lactation),  I would love for you to have the joy of reading Andy Steiner’s book,Spilled Milk.

Wildly funny tales and practical wisdom from the author’s and other women’s breastfeeding experiences-to reassure readers that there is no one way to be a great breastfeeder.

In this perfect antidote to “lactivist” propaganda, award-winning writer Andy Steiner weaves together hysterical anecdotes and tips from the trenches to offer comfort and realistic advice to new nursing moms.

Spilled Milk will help you understand that not all babies are going to “get it” right away, that breastfeeding can hurt even if you’re doing it correctly, and that baring your breasts in public will actually become shamefully easy with time.

Steiner writes: “Looking back at my milky adventure, I realize now that while breastfeeding is a natural act, it’s also a difficult one.  And after amassing an impressive collection of how-to breastfeeding books, nipple shields, lactation consultants, breast pumps, nursing bras, storage bags, and wicked breast infections, I can only say that the one thing that was missing from the experience was a book that could tell me-in a casual, non-preachy tone-that I wasn’t alone, that everything was going to be okay.”

That is the book that Steiner has written.  Her fresh viewpoint; casual, girlfriend-to-girlfriend advice; and the book’s great price make Spilled Milk the ultimate shower gift for moms-to-be.



  1. This is a great story, Joyce! Normally, foods won’t turn your breast milk any color – How much red licorice did you eat??!

    You have provided me with a good giggle. 🙂

  2. Melanie. My most humourous story was finding out if you eat red licorice at the first movie theater you’ve been to for awhile, your milk turns pink. I almost panicked when I noticed it then laughed when I realized why it was “pink”.
    Still makes me chuckle after all these years.
    Thanks for the tip on this book. It sounds marvelous.
    Joyce Penner

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